Dog Wife and Sheamus are on their way to my house as we speak

love budgies more, anaugi.


you mean the birds?

They’re pretty cute I guess


Art trade with captainanaugi
Hope you like it!

Oh my lord!I love it!


Art trade with captainanaugi
Hope you like it!

Oh my lord!
I love it!

i'm not a gay or anything but i'd think it'd be interesting if you drew a semi-realistic cock, like what one would see in a hentai pic. maybe it's just sleep deprivation idk

Here you go.

it’s alright.

Here’s a better one.

are you er can you be my husbando Soujirou Marui?

Who me?

I had to google that name, and I guess I do kinda look like that guy.

I-I’ll be your husbando, sure!

what's the most overrated game that you still like maybe even love but you think people praise it to much?

That’s hard. Most of my favorite games are underrated.

Probably all the 3D Zelda games.

They’re all really good and I can recognize that, but yeah.

I think it’s just me

hey bb how you doin




uh do you uh cosplay? i'm not good with questions

I don’t. I’m not good with figuring out who to cosplay or making costumes.

I was Sarah Jessica Parker for Halloween once.

worst videogame you ever played?

I don’t know.

Recently I had an experience with Castlevania Chronicles. That game rubbed me so hard the wrong way, I was mad the rest of the night.

There’s too much to go into, so I won’t